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Hidden Steps: Behind The Veil

Everything happens for a reason. At least that's what Conner had been told his entire life. Do the random, senseless events that we stumble through every day have a grand design? Conner never really bought into that mantra, until the bullet missed him that afternoon and shattered on the asphalt behind him. He should have been dead. Bleeding out next to the bald tire of a dated hatch-back sedan. Just lucky or blessed? What healed his brother that morning in the hospital room? Was he hearing voices… seeing things? Losing his mind? Will Conner find the path set before him in time? And what angelic forces are battling behind the veil in the unseen realm beyond what we can perceive? Some charged with his protection and others bent on his destruction. Will Conner fulfill his destiny and successfully play his part in God's plan? Hidden Steps: Behind The Veil, takes readers on an adrenaline filled ride through the mind of Nicholas Gerasimou and provides an exciting imagining of how the spiritual realm is woven into our own. Available in Paperback ($9.99) and Kindle / e-reader formats ($2.99).


Get up and walk: A stroll with jesus


Journey along with Nicholas as he explores what it means to be a Christian, why we all sin, and ultimately who Jesus Christ really is. In Get Up and Walk: A Stroll With Jesus, Gerasimou takes situations from his own life and shines a bright and unflattering light on them to help teach lessons about God. With humor, deep insight and humility, Nick strives to remind us that we are all flawed and it's not always easy to get up every day and walk on the path with God. Available in paperback at 


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